Laipni lūgti Rasas Ozoliņas Aušanas darbnīcā «Rūja»

Rasa Ozolina Weaving and textile design workshop «RUJA» (LATVIA)

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K#44/A  Smarde skirt textile Phone +371 29138875 (Latvian, Russian, English),

(10.00 – 18.00 working days, Eastern European Summer Time, UTC +3; november – march: Eastern European Time, UTC +2). e-mail for information and orders: For faster communication, write directly to CONTACT FORM

We usually respond within one business day!

Lejasdambjii How to find us: Only by applying in advance with Covid-19 certificate

«Lejasdambji», Naukseni parish, Naukseni region, LV - 4244

GPS: 57.9101971, 25.5288792

Google maps: SEE HERE

Zemgales folk skirt with belt Mail address:

Rasa Ozolina Weaving workshop «Ruja»

«Lejasdambji», Nauksenu pagasts, Nauksenu novads, LV - 4244, LATVIA

 Dzukstes costume

Rasa Ozoliņa 

Weaving and textile design workshop «RUJA»

The owner of workshop is weaver Rasa Ozolina. The workshop specialize in hand made wool ethnographic textiles , we also offer all over the world variety of items: textiles (curtains, covers, cushions, wall decorations, rugs, table cloths, towels, serviettes), fashion accessories (scarves, kerchiefs, bags, cloaks, etc), ethnographic textiles (folk costume elements - skirts, kerchiefs, textiles for archeological costumes, plaids, etc) and folk costume accessories (socks, belts, tuckers). We offer to design and produce various folk costumes for different Latvian and Estonian regions.

The workshop Rūja kindly will accept individual orders. After placing your order, the item will take approx. 2 month to get it ready. Maximum width of the textiles is 140 cm. Approximate price is 35 – 55 euro / m2 for meter, but the price may vary for each order individually, taking into account the material cost and the complexity of the manufacturing process. Moreover, we make individual deals with our customers. The production of full set of specific folk costume will take approximately 2 – 6 month.

The workshop will gladly accept your order to make separate parts of any folk costume (skirts, plaids). We accept group orders as well. In case of necessity we are able to combine our work with additional experts and professionals if needed.

Berzgales skirt  STORY

Similarly to slow and uneventful flow of the Rūja river waters, you can hear the beats of the loom. It is done slowly and in one and the same strict order. From the right to the left side and back. Run, beat, run, beat... The textiles are made here. And you will feel the warmth of the hand touch of the weaver lady. Even after many years every piece of textile holds this warmth and mental strength... Like river carried waters, this part of eternity...



Weaving and textile design workshop «RUJA»  ABOUT ME

I was born in 1973 in Jekabpils district, Latvia. I studied at the Department of Cultural Theory, History and Management of the Latvian Academy of Culture, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since 2001 I have been living in the country house «Lejas Dambji» in Naukseni municipality near Estonia border, where also a weaving workshop RŪJA was set up. I have been weaving since 2003. I am the owner of Weaving Workshop RŪJA.  NEWS

For full workshop news and product photos, see our profile: Amatniecība Facebook Amatniecība You Tube WORK PROCESS


Interview with Rasa Ozolina on Latvian National Television TV show 

Watch our work process (interview with Rasa Ozolina on Latvian National Television TV show «Province»)

Rasa Ozolina

By Rasa Ozoliņa, ;